"Security in IT is like locking your house or car. It doesn't stop the bad guys, But if it's good enough they may move on to an easier target." - Paul Herbka

iSARG Group:

As global leader in IT security, we offers the strategies, capabilities, and technologies necessary to help agencies preemptively protect Web applications from threats and address the complexities and growing costs of security risk management and compliance.

Government agencies need to proactively protect their critical applications, data and processes from external and internal threats throughout their entire life cycle. By taking a comprehensive and integrated approach to application vulnerability management, agencies can measurably improve operational security, mitigate risks, and reduce costs.

iSARG Group helps you build a strong security posture that helps you reduce costs, improve service, and manage risk in your dynamic infrastructure, helping you cost-effectively embrace change and innovation without compromising security.

we can help you strategically manage risk end-to-end across all security domains and help you reduce your security operations costs. Our framework-based security offerings provide the solutions and expertise you need to confidently 


Why we need Security? 

Security is now a basic requirement because global computing is inherently insecure. Information security means protecting information from unauthorized access. Information security is a continue process to protect your information by following the CIA security keys factor.CIA security key.



Ensuring that your information remains confidential and only those who should access that information

  • Information integrity:

Knowing that no one has been able to change your information, so you can depend on its accuracy

  • Availability:

Making sure that your information is available when you need it.